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Make business resources available 24/7
To successfully run your business, you need solutions that protect your critical data, enable you and your staff to be more productive by having anytime – anywhere access to information, and reduce your overall IT burden. We have solutions help you run your company and your big business by providing secure access and protection of business information.

Dear Business Managers,
Increase Productivity and Protect Mission-Critical Data We have solutions to increase productivity and enable a flexible working environment by making business resources accessible 24/7 regardless of location. We provide secure access to business data, email and other applications, printers and network resources to ensure work gets done at any time and from any place. We have backup solution provides business continuity and peace of mind by enabling the protection of critical data, such as customer database, etc….

We empowers companies to scale their business with the ability to support more customers in less time while improving end-user satisfaction.
- Our Technicians are empowered to see firsthand hard-to-replicate issues without traveling onsite; they easily show end users how to fix problems themselves in the future.
- Our remote support solution removes the need for customers to struggle with describing issues and answering questions.
- Our Technicians can quickly transfer upgrades, patches and other files needed to fix the issue.

How can we help you?
• Minimize customer participation in troubleshooting and alleviate customer frustration.
• Improve operational efficiencies in your support organization

- Transition from inefficient phone support to web-based remote support.
- Manage multiple support sessions simultaneously from a single technician console.
- Cut costs by decreasing average handle time and increasing first call resolution.

Domains and Hosting
Our goal is to bring you innovative products at competitive prices. We started as pioneers in the web hosting industry. New Tech Services offers everything you need to make a name for yourself on the Web, from domain names, website hosting and website builders to complete eCommerce solutions.
24/7/365, round-the-clock Customer Care operations.

Our aim to achieve customer service excellence is delivered through our distinct “global reach and local touch”.ch”.
We truly appreciate your business and look forward to a great relationship!

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