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Automated Backups

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FTP Backup Storage

New Tech Services offers FTP Backup Storage in a very low-cost backup options.
Backups must be manually configured by the customer, New Tech Services does not configure backup routines for FTP backup customers.

We have customized prices so please contact our Sales team for more information at sales@newtechservics.com

Why is it important to backup your website?

Why have a backup? What could go wrong?
You shouldn't completely rely on the web hosting company to keep a backup of your website for you.

Here are a few reasons you should keep a local copy of your website:

  • Hackers
    Even though your website may seem secure, there are sometimes holes in the code used to build your website that have exploitable vulnerabilities, which the hackers in the world are always trying to find.

  • Prevent data loss during upgrades
    If your website was build using a CMS (Content Management System) there are a number of plugins and components that need to be upgraded on a regular basis.

    These updates is very important so you have to take a copy of your website as it is better to be safe than sorry.

  • How often should you make a backup of your website?
    This depends on the type of website you have and how many content updates you make. If your website is static and you do not make any changes to the content, keeping one backup is sufficient. If your website is more dynamic and is being updated regularly, you should be making a backup before you start making your changes. This allows you to keep a recent snapshot of your website in case something goes wrong.

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