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Email Solution     Protect your Existing Email Infrastructure

Our Email Service the demands of today's email users, gigabytes of storage, the ability to send huge attachments, a webmail client that looks and acts like a desktop email application, full spam and virus protection, and more.

To meet those needs, we offers high performance, low-cost email services. We provides consistent delivery of email and a competitive webmail application, combined with exceptional reliability.

New Tech Services Provide and Sell a Complete Email Solution.
We offers POP, IMAP, WAP and webmail access. Our standard mailbox includes 5GB of storage per mailbox.

Allowable email message size is 35MB: incoming and outgoing messages can now be larger. This reflects the increasing size of things like photos and other attachments users are sending through email. We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Maximum length of a folder name has been increased: Users can now create folder names up to 40 characters long (compared to the previous limit of 15 characters).

Email services:
• Customers can use POP, IMAP, WAP or webmail to access email, and use SMTP to send mail.
• Email interfaces in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese.
• Inbound filtering protects you from threats and outbound filtering ensures mail is delivered properly.
• Generous amounts of storage and message size.
• Outsource Your Email and Leave the Hard Part to us While email is a crucial part of your business.
• Get support whenever you need it.
• Our technical support team is always available to answer questions and help resolve issues.
• Our team is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
• A full-time mail abuse team: We actively monitor networks for threats, and work to ensure our filters are optimized.

You manage your business

Along with premium spam protection, your company will enjoy a 100% Uptime Guarantee and Technical Support available 24x7x365.

Outlook, web, and mobile access

Anywhere, anytime access is a requirement for businesses today. With New Tech Services Email, you can access your email using Outlook, a mobile phone, or our Webmail application.

NTS Email with peace of mind

Say goodbye to spam and viruses with our premium Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus protection and unlike some other providers, we help keep your business email private with a strict Ad-Free policy.

24x7x365 support at your fingertips

Contact us via email, ticket, phone, and we'll respond quickly, around the clock.

We have customized prices so please contact our Sales team for more information at sales@newtechservics.com

Our aim to achieve customer service excellence is delivered through our distinct “global reach and local touch”.
We truly appreciate your business and look forward to a great relationship!

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